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Introducing Neural River AI Innovation Foundation:

Your springboard to groundbreaking AI entrepreneurship. We are a revolutionary platform that connects AI programmers, innovators, and investors to create the technology of the future.
Neural river Innovation

Our unique proposition lies in our Entrepreneurship Scheme. We attract top AI talent, offering them not just a competitive salary but a chance to work on their own innovative projects, while providing them with a secure income stream. Programmers dedicate part of their time to Neural River’s projects and part to their own ideas, which, when approved, can reach the prototype stage under our guidance. We not only nurture your idea but help you raise funds, ensuring you retain a significant share of the project.

Our Innovation Council further fuels the fires of creativity. This team of entrepreneurs presents novel ideas, receiving a share of the revenues and ownership of the project if it reaches the market. They also have the opportunity to invest further, increasing their stake in their innovative concepts.

But what’s an idea without funding? That’s where our Seed Capital Syndicate comes in. We’ve gathered a panel of angel investors who guide the product to make it investment-ready. They also get the exclusive opportunity to invest in these potential game-changers at the initial valuation.

Finally, to ensure a steady flow of funding, we’ve established the Neural River Accelerator SEIS Fund. This specialist fund is designed to continually inject capital into the AI innovation ecosystem we’re building.

Neural River is additionally working with corporates to highlight key challenges and developing/supporting founders and startups to meet these challenges. 

Join Neural River AI Innovation Foundation, where we’re not just creating AI. We’re cultivating the future AI leaders of tomorrow.