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Open-Source AI: The Secret Ingredient to American Innovation

Hello, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s been making waves in the AI community. Clement Delangue, the CEO of Hugging Face, recently testified before the U.S. House Science Committee, advocating for open-source AI as a key driver of American innovation and interests. Open-Source AI: The American Advantage Delangue argued that America’s leadership […]

Databricks and MosaicML: A Billion-Dollar Bet on Democratizing AI

Hello, tech aficionados! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in because we’ve got some exciting news from the AI frontier. Databricks, the data lakehouse virtuoso, is all set to acquire MosaicML, a promising AI startup from the tech hub of San Francisco. The deal? A cool $1.3 billion. Yes, you read that right! MosaicML […]

Gemini: DeepMind’s Ambitious Leap into the World of Large Language Models

Google conference deep mind

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), competition often sparks innovation. The latest entrant in the race to develop advanced large language models is DeepMind, the Google-owned research lab renowned for its groundbreaking work in AI. According to a recent piece in Wired, DeepMind is developing a chatbot called Gemini, which aims to rival, or […]